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Amazing art and implementation of such a weird control scheme! Well done!

Incredible, honestly! But how can I be surprised, it is your usual quality.

The art is just perfect as always (character design, animations, lights), and you even managed to have a good feel with that crazy control scheme.
I like that you focused on the narration. The puzzles work but they feel an excuse to move forward.
Again, superb job!

Yeah that was actually really fun.  I was like how can you make just pressing simple buttons to make boxes appear fun lol.  Then you added the jump and movementSpeed increase lol.  Boom fun.  haha.  I enjoyed it.  If you play mine just know I only took like 12 or 14 hours because I work ha.  There are some bugs ... lol.  

A really great game, especially considering the awkward controls put forth by the limitation. Got stuck on an "x" platform that didn't really want to disappear, but other than that, no complaints here. (and as always, fantastic work on the art)

Thank you so much. Oh no, those silly boxes.. will have to go back over the code logic as I thought I had solved that initially by saying if you are in its location it cannot turn on. Seems I missed this, will fix it up soon. :)  Thank you for taking the time to play my game :) What were you thoughts on the ending?

Ending was hilarious. That's your avatar outline, right?

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Haha it is indeed! I am even working on a banner for my profile too which also included me..


Oh nice, that looks super sick! Honestly, your artstyle is one of my favorites.

Thank you n__n'