Submission for the MiniJam 26
Theme: Storm
Limitation: Top-down

Update Log v1.0.2:
- Boss has been updated with more moves and better player feedback
- Skip cutscene button added.

Thank you for taking the time to play my game. This is more of an adventure, or sample of the direction the game could of gone if more time was added. This is also the 2nd game i have created ever in unity as well as my first boss i have created. I have learnt a lot and cant wait to take on the next mini jam!


wasd: move
space: roll
left-click: attack

L-Analogue: move
A: roll
X: attack

Coding: Fmlad
Art/Animations: Fmlad
Sfx: rfxgen

"8bit Dungeon Level" Kevin MacLeod (
"8bit Dungeon Boss" Kevin MacLeod (
"Thunder Dreams" Kevin MacLeod (

Dev Notes
This game is sadly the result of a very ambitious minj jam. I had planned for the dungeon leading to the boss to have randomly generated maze with power ups and people to save. Lots was scrapped in order to make something relatively complete.

Known Bugs:
There is a slide roll, which happens to keep you locked in a position permanently, I was not able to fix the bug in the time available. I also have noticed that animating the individual pieces of the character became a huge issue over time and leads to some odd unexpected animations if bugs occur.

Emma for her patience in guiding me through all the trouble i have had creating this game.


Download 47 MB
Download 47 MB 45 MB

Development log


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