Updated to v1.0.4

Update log for the following changes

- Pause menu can now be reached by pressing P
- Volume music has had a 40% increase overall
- Enemy time to detect you has been increased by 30%
- Enemy visibility cone now is invisible, entering an enemies space will show the cone of vision.
- Enemy idle time reduced by 50%, walking time reduced by 30%
- Enemy weight has been increased to avoid pushing them
- A sign to leave the shop early has been added.
- Clicking anywhere on the screen while dialogue is available will now progress the dialogue.
- Pressing the Space bar will also progress the dialogue.
- Mission time left till you have to leave has been reduced by 25%


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Jun 05, 2019
Sushi Ninja - Windows - v1.0.4.zip 26 MB
Jun 05, 2019

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