The Passing

Game Jam Submission to: Mini Jam 25: Spirits
Game Jam Limitation: No text

"Shackled by your burdens, passing on can sometimes be a trial on its own."

You find yourself in a dark room, floating above a grave.. the only way is up, pass on will be challenging and further restricted by the burdens and unfinished business you carry shackled to your spirit. Can you pass on?

How to Play:
A = Left
D = Right
R = Reset to last checkpoint (if caught on platform)
Space = Jump

Background Music: "Ghost Story" Kevin MacLeod (
Patch Notes:
- 3D Sound effects now added, sounds will be louder when you are closer
- Character now has jump sfx and weighted animation when not on the ground
- More checkpoints added
- Removed a few trap placements
- Camera zoomed out a little
- Upon dying/respawning your health will be set to max

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